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Elevate your Top Talent’s success with the Spring 2024 Vertex Live Nationwide development program, Summer 2024 Emotional Intelligence workshop and Fall 2024 Coaching for Performance program.

Vertex Live Nationwide is our flagship program where leaders learn to deploy skills that will supercharge leadership performance, employee engagement, member service and profitability. Through cohort-based learning, your leaders will transcend boundaries, networking with other credit union professionals to gain fresh perspectives on credit union leadership.

Our Emotional Intelligence workshop is a dynamic and interactive program that dives deep into the core aspects of Emotional Intelligence, teaching essential skills for leaders to navigate both work and life with poise and mastery.

In Coaching for Performance, we arm leaders with tools to propel their team to new heights. We cover the difference between coaching and managing, how to effectively redirect undesired behavior, and ways to coach their team during a busy workday.

This is our most popular program for credit union leaders. Contact us today to unlock the gateway to stronger leaders!

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