All problems are rooted in one
of six key leadership areas.

Gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses by diagnosing each area, while pinpointing opportunities for improvement. Success in addressing these aspects is crucial for enhancing both performance and resilience.

A breakdown in… Creates…
Communication: Drama, unnecessary conflict, inefficiencies
Relationships: Gossip, mistrust, toxic environment
Alignment: Wasted effort, duplicate work, lost time
Execution: Unmet goals, missed deadlines, blown budgets
Capacity: Burnout, turnover, stagnation
Culture: Damage to company reputation, decline in creativity, employee disengagement

ServiStar Consulting and GiANT Worldwide™ are joining forces to nurture credit union leaders who inspire. GiANT Certified Coach, Peter Tyson, employes a tested array of tools, frameworks and development processes to empower you in expanding your influence and achieving success as a credit union leader.


  1. Communication – Use the 5 Voices framework to discover your leadership style and how to effectively collaborate with those around you.
  2. Relationships – Understand and leverage the Influence Model to establish psychological safety, build trust and create healthy working relationships.
  3. Personal Alignment – Clearly identify your vision, mission and values needed to achieve your goals.
  4. Execution – Identify and overcome the largest roadblocks to your performance and productivity.
  5. Capacity – Build and implement a plan to increase the number of leaders worth following in your organization.
  6. Culture – Acquire skills that enable everyone to fully contribute to their distinct voice, fostering a culture where individuals feel respected and understood.

Unlock Success: 15 Hacks for Emerging CEOs

Research shows that effective CEOs are successful in three key areas:

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Executive Team Leadership
  3. Vision and Strategy

Join our exclusive, live online workshop designed for director level and above credit union leaders that are charting their path to CEO. You’ll discover how effective CEOs navigate these key areas and get a peek into the dynamics of an effective CEO and their Board of Directors.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain these insights and network with other career-driven credit union leaders!

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for director level and above credit union leaders who strive to be a credit union CEO.

If this isn’t you, please check out our other professional development programs tailored for credit union leaders.

Workshop Facilitated by Peter Tyson

Peter Tyson

Peter Tyson is in his 13th year of service as a Board Member at Team One Credit Union. During this time, the Board has implemented transformative growth strategies to double the credit union’s assets from $400 million to $800 million. Peter’s financial acumen and strategic vision plays a pivotal role in Team One CU’s continued growth. He was an active part in two CEO searches at Team One CU, giving him insight into the qualities and attributes needed to succeed as a CEO.

Peter has also served as the Union President for Saginaw Township Community Schools for the past 14 years and has taught High School Social Studies for 24 years. This variety of experience has equipped Peter with a unique perspective on leadership that he is excited to share with you.