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Let’s not forget why we do what we do. The credit union movement is growing, but is our commitment to People Helping People keeping pace? As credit unions continue to grow and expand, many credit union employees and leaders forget or never learned how and why we started.

Enroll today and begin earning your credit union PhD – the Philosophy, History and Development of our movement. In this fun and interactive 90-minute workshop, we’ll talk about the motivation and passion our early leaders had when transforming cooperative financial institutions.

Who Should Attend?

From tenured employees to new hires, from the C-suite to the teller line. If you care about the Credit Union Movement, please join!

Topics Include:

Learn why SERVICE is more than fast, friendly and accurate.

By definition, service excellence refers to the ability of service providers to consistently meet and occasionally exceed consumers’ expectations. In ServiStar’s Service Excellence workshop, team members will learn why service is critical to the success of the credit union and how it’s the foundational building block of the credit union philosophy, “People Helping People.”

The primary concepts covered include the 8 Key Elements of Excellent Service and: