Leading Leaders

For Managers, Directors and Executives Includes Executive Coaching 6 Sessions 10 Hours of Training Live Online

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All problems are rooted in one
of six key leadership areas.

Gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses by diagnosing each area, while pinpointing opportunities for improvement. Success in addressing these aspects is crucial for enhancing both performance and resilience.

A breakdown in… Creates…
Communication: Drama, unnecessary conflict, inefficiencies
Relationships: Gossip, mistrust, toxic environment
Alignment: Wasted effort, duplicate work, lost time
Execution: Unmet goals, missed deadlines, blown budgets
Capacity: Burnout, turnover, stagnation
Culture: Damage to company reputation, decline in creativity, employee disengagement

ServiStar Consulting and GiANT Worldwide™ are joining forces to nurture credit union leaders who inspire. GiANT Certified Coach, Peter Tyson, employees a tested array of tools, frameworks and development processes to empower you in expanding your influence and achieving success as a credit union leader.


  1. Session 1 – Knowing your GiANT Leadership voice and key leadership takeaways.
  2. Session 2 – Understanding the impact your GiANT Leadership voice has on the six key leadership areas.
  3. Between Session 2 and 3 – One hour of 1:1 Executive Coaching to improve your leadership style.
  4. Session 3 – Knowing your team’s GiANT Leadership voices.
  5. Session 4 – Understanding the impact of your team’s GiANT Leadership voices on team dynamics.
  6. After Session 4 – One hour of 1:1 Executive Coaching to improve your team’s dynamics.