Emerging Leaders

For Leaders and Managers 8 Sessions 16 Hours of Training Online

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Improve employee engagement.

Give new and emerging leaders confidence.

Have new managers performing from day one.

Newly promoted managers often find themselves facing many challenges:

Credit unions typically provide about two weeks of training to a new teller. But how much training is provided to a new manager? Isn’t leading people more challenging than operating a teller window? Should new managers be forced to learn through experience only? Do you think that will have negative implications on employee engagement, production and member experience? 

ServiStar’s Emerging Leaders program takes new and emerging managers and turns them into confident, competent, high-performance leaders who will be able to develop their own personal leadership style, deploy core coaching skills and maximize employee engagement and performance. Through live training, homework assignments, networking with other new managers from across the credit union movement and unlimited access to the ServiStar experts, your new and emerging managers will begin to thrive.

Who should attend:

Leaders who are early in their management career (5 years or less) or employees who will soon be promoted to a leadership position.

What’s included:

  • Eight 2-hour information-packed sessions.
  • Monthly activities and assignments to apply lessons.
  • Personal leadership assessment.
  • Unlimited one-on-one access to our facilitators to discuss leadership challenges.
  • Access to the ServiStar Network to collaborate with peers.
  • Pre- and post-course assessment to validate participant improvement.
  • Certificate of completion.


1️⃣ February 9: Common Leadership Pitfalls for New Leaders (and how to avoid them)
2️⃣ March 2: Managing Former Peers (optional)
3️⃣ March 9: Developing a Leadership Brand
4️⃣ April 6: Coaching
5️⃣ May 11: Effective Mentorship
6️⃣ June 8: Emotional Intelligence
7️⃣ July 13: Building Trust and Influence
8️⃣ August 10: Change Management


Mike Neill
Mike Neill, Chief Learning Officer
Scott Albrecht
Scott Albrecht, VP of Learning & Development