Creating Leaders Worth Following

For Leaders and Managers 1 Session 1 Hour of Training Live Online

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Wednesday, September 11 3–4 pm ET


Wednesday, November 13 3–4 pm ET


In the US, over half of the workforce is disengaged, with nearly 20% being actively disengaged. Leadership and coaching significantly influence 70% of the engagement factors. The urgency to effectively lead and coach within credit unions has never been greater. In this free event, we will unveil insights from our targeted research and initiatives aimed at empowering credit union leaders and coaches. Attendees will gain practical strategies for immediate implementation, designed to elevate managerial effectiveness and cultivate leaders that people genuinely want to follow.

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Mike Neill

ServiStar Consulting has helped over 1,000 credit unions in the US and Canada achieve what they previously thought was unattainable and specializes in working with credit unions to develop effective leaders, improve sales, and enhance service cultures. Chief Learning Officer, Mike Neill is a renowned speaker, author, and published researcher, and his expertise has made him highly sought-after in the credit union movement.